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How Much Does It Cost To Ship Your Belongings To Spain?

Find out how much you may need to budget to move your belongings to Spain by shipping, an effective service often used by families moving to Spain.

There are nearly 300,000 British people currently residing in Spain. A large proportion of those people are retirees, but there are an increasing amount of young couples and families moving to Spain in search of a better future, full of sunshine and outdoor living. If you're considering moving to Spain, there are lots of things to consider. Logistics form a large part of relocating to a different country, especially when it comes to moving your belongings.

Moving so many items from A to B isn't so tricky when B is local, but when it is another country, it can be more of a challenge.

To help you get started with your research into moving your things to Spain, here's an overview of the process of shipping and the potential costs to expect:

Sea And Air

The two main options for shipping are air or sea, and usually air costs more and shipping takes longer. More often than not, unless there is any urgency on your belongings, shipping by sea container makes the most sense. The containers are usually 20 feet or 40 feet and you do not have to choose to fill the entire container. You can pay to fill half or a quarter of it, and usually the shipping company will be able to help you make the best possible decision for your needs. A lot of services will come to your door to collect, and if you choose a packing company to help you, they will also prepare your belongings for transport too.

Where Your Belongings Get To

Your belongings will likely come to Barcelona, Valencia or Algeciras which are the main shipping ports. From there, you may have to pick the items up, or if you've used a moving company, they will deliver to you locally, or even to your door.

Customs & Laws

All of the items coming into Spain by shipping container will be inspected. As you won't be with your belongings, you have to create a detailed list of each and every item inside your container. An additional aspect of this task is that the list has to be in Spanish so you may require translation services. This list has to be accurate because during inspection, if the list does not match what is in the container, you could be fined. You may still end up getting charged duties, although you can avoid some of those charges if you can prove the items you are importing will be staying in Spain for at least a year. If you're working with a professional moving company they can help advise you and guide you through the entire process.


The costs of a shipping container vary depending on the company and if you're getting extra help with collecting from your British home and delivery to your Spanish home, plus help with packing, the costs will increase. At a basic guide price, a 20 foot container will cost between £1,000 and £1,500 and a 40 foot container will cost between £2,000 and £2,500. These costs are a rough guide and it is a good idea to get quotes from several companies before making a decision. It also makes sense to check everything you are paying to move across is allowed into the country. There are restrictions on what you can bring in, and checking those restrictions close to the time of filling your container is a really good idea.

Moving your belongings to Spain by shipping can be complicated, but once arrangements are in place, you'll only need to focus on the exciting process of starting your brand new life in a beautiful, welcoming country. Your belongings will arrive safely at your door thanks to the packers and movers work, as you're already well into the process of making exciting new memories in your new home.

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