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When Is The Best Time To Move To Portugal?


Find out how to make your move to Portugal less stressful by ensuring you move at the best possible time of year for your needs.

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The Portuguese government confirmed recently that it will protect British citizens living in the country. So if you are moving away from the UK in exchange for the gorgeous scenery, weather and friendly culture of Portugal, Brexit is certainly not going to stand in your way. What may cause issues though, is the time of year you choose to relocate. It is so important that you choose to move house at the right time to avoid any additional stress being added to what is already a challenging time. Here are our best tips to help you move to Portugal at the best time:

Autumn/ Winter For Good Weather

In Spring the tourist services are waking up in Spain so the business increases. In addition, there is quite a bit of rain. In Summer the temperatures are over 30 degrees which can be great for sunbathing, but not so good for cleaning and renovating a home, and getting used to the local area. Autumn and winter tend to be mild but dry seasons that are really good for moving house in Spain.

Move Well In Advance Of School Starting

The term times in Portugal are similar to those in the UK which makes it easier when it comes to moving your children across comfortably. It is a really good idea to arrive well in advance of term time to get a look at the school and to give your child time to integrate into the local area before they go through the challenge of starting school. You can find a rough idea of Portuguese term times here.

Avoid Local Holidays

Portugal has lots of National holidays and local holidays, all of which could make it harder for you to move home peacefully, or get access to any local services. Do check well in advance that your new town isn't going to be shut down and in party mode the weekend you move there.

Avoid Competing With Holiday Makers

Try to move to Portugal at a time that is not a popular time with those flooding to the country to enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather. You don't want to have to pay a premium for flights, or fight for parking spaces and the chance to explore your local area if possible. Ideally, if you can arrive when most holiday makers aren't on holiday, you have more space to breathe and enjoy the relocation process.

Moving to Portugal is a great idea for the whole family if you want to improve your quality of life. However, it will be stressful because moving house is stressful and there will always be challenges with such a huge change. International movers Pack and Go are experts in Portuguese relocations and can make a huge difference by minimising the stress involved in your move. They can also help advise about any necessary document translation from Portuguese to English.

By moving at the right time of year, you can at least minimise the chance of ill-timing adding to any stress that you do experience. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a brand new chapter in Portugal with those you love the most.

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