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Can Decluttering Help You Lose Weight?


Find out how organising and streamlining your belongings could help youfind a healthier state of being.    

During the Covid-19 pandemic many of us gained acorona-stone or five. This is understandable, as going out was restricted andwe all needed some food for comfort.  

If you have found yourself feeling a little heavierpost-pandemic and you’re not happy about it, you probably know that eating lessand moving more will help you shift those extra pounds.    

What you might not realise is that a certain home activitycan help you lose weight too. That activity, is decluttering.  

Surprisingly, the simple act of decluttering is thought tobe able to help you slim down your body. Let’s take a closer look:   

How Does Decluttering Help You Lose Weight?    

When you live in a house packed full of clutter it can causestress. Even if it doesn’t feel stressful in your conscious mind, the chancesare it impacts your ability to feel relaxed in your own home. It can cause us to feel more stressed in general, which in turn can lead to comfort eating. Once that comfort eating starts, the vicious cycle of feeding the addiction to sugar and salty foods begins.    

Of course, a messy house doesn’t automatically mean you willgain weight. Rather, it can contribute to the overall stress and chaos that cancontribute to a lower level of wellness. Generally, the more we have going on, and the less time we spend on ourselves, the more likely we are to gain weight and lean on food for support.    

With that in mind, it makes sense that once we start to slimdown what we own, our mindset changes. Less feels better, and decluttering isan act of self care. Suddenly, we aren’t filling up on stuff whether that is food, or needless home items. Instead, we’re stripping all that back and valuing wellbeing, organisation and self-care more.    

How To Get Started Decluttering   

If you are looking at boosting your overall wellbeing andlosing some weight, decluttering can help. Here are some easy tips to follow toget started with decluttering your house:    

Setting aside enough time to declutter is a great way tocommit to the process. An hour to clear a drawer, a weekend to clear a room, aweek to clear a house - every little helps.    

Self storage from will help you have somewhere to place the items you want to sort outlater. That initial clearing of space can be so transformative and self storage can help.  

Cheap self storage is also helpful for storing seasonal itemsand items that take up a lot of space. By storing these items, you can thenplace more efficient storage in your home and enjoy more space.   

- Be Ruthless-  

Being ruthless is so important for a good declutteringsession. If you truly intend to rid yourself of items that are broken, that youdon’t need, that you don’t love and that don’t serve you, you’ll be surprised how little you actually need.    

- Stay Functional-  

In order to avoid items building up again, stayingfunctional is so important. Try to change your processes and your organisationso that you don’t build up clutter again. Have a weekly paper shredding session and think really carefully about what you consume.    

Declutter Your House And Trim The Fat     

By consuming less all-round and living a slimmed down life,you can enhance your wellbeing. Why not try decluttering today to get theprocess started?    

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