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How to deliver effective training for PMs


If you want project managers to takenote of what you are saying, to retain the information that they are given,then you need to be able to deliver effective training. You need to focus on training that will really help to enhance their projectmanagement skills. The right training is a valuable tool that canreally add to any existing PM accreditation that someone already has and help them to use it moreeffectively in real-world situations.    

There are a number of proven tipsthat can really help you when it comes to ensuring that the training you aredelivering is effective. Read on to discover the tips that could make all the difference to your training.  

Points to consider 

· It is always a good idea to start any trainingwith an overview. Let the trainees know exactly what you will be covering andin what order. Repetition of key points as you go along can be helpful as well. This will help individuals to retain the information that is being relayed to them.    

· If you plan to show any multimedia to illustrateyour points, explain what you will be showing before you start, this helps toimprove the learning experience.   

· Where possible use hands on experience this has been shown to be much more effectivewhen it comes to putting things into context. Being able to demonstrate thenapply your point will offer greater understanding.    

· Test your trainees often to make sure theyunderstand what you have already covered.   

· Get trainees involved the more involved they arethe more likely they are to retain the information that you offer them.    

· Repeat any questions you have asked beforeanswering them this is a helpful way of ensuring the answer is understood incontext of the question.   

· Keep your training on track, keep to yourschedule and don’t allow things to go too far off course.   

· Allow time for breaks. If people are needing tostretch their legs, pop to the toilet or grab a drink they are less likely toconcentrate.   

· Ask for feedback. This will be helpful inknowing what you need to cover better and even what points of the trainingpeople felt were not necessary. 

These points are a great place tostart with any training that you run, whether it is for project managers, ornot. However, these are simply basics and if you want to deliver really effective training there are other things you may want to consider. 

Make your training memorable 

When you make training more memorable,people remember you and they remember the things that you had to say. So usehumour and make your training interesting and enjoyable. If you need to use multimedia items to illustrate points, make sure they are clear and good quality so that people remember the contents and not that they couldn’t see the images properly.    

It is also great to get people moreinvolved when you deliver the training. Don’t just deliver the information andhope that it will be remembered. Instead, be more reactive to the individuals you are training and make sure that participation is encouraged.      

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